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This information will give you a better understanding of the challenges Alaskan Travel brings.  Services are few and far between and most travel will be in remote areas.

       We have successfully caravanned throughout Alaska for over twenty four years and have found that knowing these few helpful hints and "slowing down and taking your time" you will have a wonderful and adventurous trip to Alaska.  This summer will be the 61st caravan that I have lead through the wilds of Alaska.  It is like stepping back in time, so join us.  I have driven the Alaska highway over 134 times and the best pieces of advice I can give you are listed below with the reminder; "slow down and take your time", there is so much to see and do and no need to get there fast.  There are many challenges that can be overcome by simply taking your time and reading the road and its challenges as they appear. 

Alaska is a rough and rugged State with many extremes in terrain and weather.  The history of the Native People, the Klondike Gold Rush, the Ten Thousand Glaciers and Snow Capped Mountains has called to travelers for many years.  The well informed and experienced traveler, who does not rush, will see all of its magnificent beauty in a safe and comfortable environment. 

Please come to's the trip of a lifetime.  If I can be of any help, feel free to contact me for information or advice. The Caravan Guide and Lectures are By Associate Professor & Research Historian Gilbert “Spike” Fortier.  Chairman of the “Institute for the Study of Glacial Retreat and Global Warming.”  Arthur of Numerous Books & Narrator of over 20 Travel Tapes on the History of:  “The Yukon Territories, Alaska” & “Fishing in Alaska”

 We have limited space as we specialize in small groups.  If you would like to join us please contact us at the following:  Wagon master for Alaskan Discovery RV Tours, Spike Fortier, 907 312 0283

 Things you should know before traveling to Alaska

1. Do not bring guns or items that can be construed as an offensive weapon, namely pepper spray.  When arriving in Canada "Bear Spray" can be legally purchased at any hardware store

 2. Bring Proper I.D.. Each person must have a Passport and one other form of identification, such as a State Driver’s License or Certified Birth Certificate.

 3. Dogs need a current Rabies shot certificate from a Veterinarian.  All other pets require more: Call 703 358 2104 (Canadian Customs)

 4. Prepare your vehicles for the trip.  Tune-up, brakes, bearings, hoses, belts and tires. Travel trailers and 5th wheels should check their lug nuts for tightness several times during the trip. Bring several spare "air filters" so you don't have to locate one at the small auto parts stores. Those rigs that get very low mileage and have small tanks should carry spare gas or diesel.

 5. Towing cars: Need a full front bra from bumper to top of windshields.  Or at least a 7' throw rug across the windshield.  There are many generic covers at Auto Parts stores or for a custom quote:


This is also sold at most RV shops or Camping World and is the Preferred one

Ask for Bruce and mention our name for a 5% discount

Protect - a - Tow Bruce  1-888-264-5444, 

6. Insurance: Your auto insurance is good in Canada and Alaska. Make sure you ask your agent for a free "Canadian non-resident liability card." Or carry a current copy of your policy and expiration date.

 7. Be prepared for all types of weather. Good rain gear, sturdy walking/hiking shoes, layered clothing and bedroom shades/film for the land of the "midnight sun".

 8. Cell your provider and get Canada-plus calling for cheaper rates.  If going alone think about renting a Global Satellite Phone for the trip:

 9. Call your credit card company and tell them you will be traveling in Canada and Alaska so they won't stop charges from going through.

 10. THE US-CANADIAN BORDER: Passing customs should be routine. But take it seriously. Don’t joke around with customs officials.  They take it as a sign of nervousness and always follow up with an inspection. Answer directly, truthfully and in few words to get a wave through.

 The Alaskan Road Bible is the MILEPOST MAGAZINE; buy one at a large book store or order direct from:


Video Log of the Tour:


Alaskan Tour - Hazelton, BC - Stop #1


Alaska Tour - Hyder, Ak - Stop #2


Alaska Tour – Dease Lake, BC – Stop #3


Alaska Tour – Watson Lake, Yukon Terr. – Stop #4


Alaska Tour – Teslin Lake, Yukon Terr. – Stop #5


Alaska Tour – Skagway, Alaska – Stop #6


Alaska Tour – Skagway to Haines to Juneau Fast Ferry


Alaska Tour – Carcross & Caribou Crossing


Alaska Tour – Whitehorse, Yukon Territory – Stop #8


Alaska Tour – Dawson City, Yukon Territory – Stop #9


Alaska Tour – Chicken & Tok, AK – Stop #10


Alaska Tour – Fairbanks, AK – Stop #11


Alaska Tour – Denali, AK – Stop #12


Alaska Tour – Anchorage, AK – Stop #13


Alaska Tour – Homer, AK – Stop #14


Alaska Tour – Kenai, AK – Stop #15


We hope these "helpful Hints" will make your trip fun, educational and smooth.

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Thank you for your interest, Spike