RV Caravans to Alaska - the Last Frontier







Congratulations on taking the first step to the greatest adventure of your life!  Please call us at 907 312 0283 to hold your spot on the tour, then print out this registration form (copy & paste) and mail it in to us at the following address with a $500 check for deposit. When we receive the deposit, we will e-mail a receipt and confirmation letter to you.  The cost is $11,587, after the $500 deposit is paid, one half of the tour balance of $11,087 is due on March 1st, 2024 in the amount of $5543.50.  The balance ($5543.50) is due at the start of the tour at the Orientation site and can be paid by personal check. A rendezvous location, map and trip preparation packet will be mailed in March.


Alaskan Discovery RV Tours, LTD

645 G Street, Suite 542

Anchorage, Alaska 99501


           Terms, Registration and Deposit Form – 2024



Name ____________________________________________       D.O.B. _______________________

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Spouse or Passenger ______________________________       D.O.B. ________________________

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Home Phone ______________________________________________________________________


Email Address _____________________________________________________________________


Address __________________________________________________________________________


City ______________________________________State__       Zip Code _______________________



Tour 1___     2__ _         Year__2024____


Golden Eagle Passport or Federal Park Passport # ________________________________________________


Type and Length of RV  ______________________________________________________________________


Tow Car?    No____ Yes____         Type __________________________________________________________


Additional Passengers in Your RV _____________________________________________________________

Military, Fireman or Law Enforcement Veteran: Dates and Branch



Emergency Contact Name / Number ____________________________________________________________


List any membership# for a FREE ALASKAN VEST


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Pet #1 No______   Yes _____    Type ________________ Name ________________________________________


Pet #2 No______   Yes _____    Type ________________ Name ________________________________________


How did you hear about our tours? ______________________________________________________________



Cost:  The tour cost is $11,587 per rig for two people.  It includes Guide fee, all RV parks, all tours and events.  Once the $500 deposit is paid the Tour Fee balance of $11,087 is due and payable by check, US funds.  One half of the tour fee balance ($5543.50) is due by March 1st, 2024 and the balance of ($5543.50) is due at orientation when you show up to start the tour.  Listed tours, after giving proper notice, will be refunded from the tour price of $11,587 at the end of the Caravan tour.  Any additional attendees over the two will be charged $3250.00 per person which will include all events and tours. (This includes children, adults and seniors). All pets are welcomed.  A one-person RV saves $625 so the cost will then be $10,962 less any events not taken.  Under “Itinerary”, we quote all costs of tours we attend.  If you choose to skip any one of the listed tours it will be refunded at the end of the Caravan tour provided you give us the required notice.


Cancellations/Refunds: A deposit refund will be given upon receipt of a written request (email or letter) no later than, March 1, 2024, 90 days prior to the first tour date of June 1, 2024.  Less a $75.00 administrative fee. You will receive a refund deposit of $425.00.  After that time the $500 deposit is non-refundable.  


Refunds of the first half of the tour fee balance paid on or by March 1st:  If cancellation is within 89 to 30 days prior to June 1st, 2024, 80% of the one half paid (tour fee balance) will be refunded to you.  A cancellation less than 30 days prior to June 1st, 2024, 70% of tour fee will be refunded.  This policy is necessary for many service providers require non-refundable deposits on your behalf. 

No "Tour Fees" will be refunded after payment is made on orientation day. (The first day of the tour) We will assist any tour member needing help with personal, medical or mechanical problems to keep them and their vehicle in the tour. If someone cannot complete the tour for personal, medical or mechanical reasons they will be welcomed back at the point they left on any future tour, paying only any increases for that tour. You cannot give or sell your interest in the tour but return and complete the tour yourself as "originally contracted persons".  

Should you find the need to cancel your caravan tour please call us at 907 312 0283, In addition, a notice is required by email or mail. Email: and/or Alaskan Discovery RV Tours, 645 G Street # 542, Anchorage, Alaska 99501.  Refunds are paid within 30 days of written notice of cancellation.  We reserve the right to cancel any scheduled tour prior to departure. In the event this occurs, all deposits and payments made will be refunded in full.


Responsibilities: It is understood that "we" (Alaskan Discovery RV Tours) have only one function, to organize and guide the tour. The cost includes guide service, all Tours, listed meals, events, and RV parks. All other costs and expenses of the tour are to be paid by the tour member directly to the provider of the services. This includes meals, fuel and any other expenses you may request or require. We act solely as a guide directing you to the transportation companies, sightseeing contractors, attractions, events and other principals included in the itinerary. We are not a principal or operator for the subject services or events and are not, therefore, liable for any error or omissions committed by any service or event provider.


Tour members going on the trip are doing so entirely upon their own initiative, risk and responsibility, and will not be acting under anyone else’s direction or control during the trip. Tour members will have complete and unrestricted control over their own vehicles. Customer agrees to release and indemnify Alaskan Discovery RV Tours and its owners, agents or employees from all liability, loss or damage claims incurred during the trip.


We reserve the right to cancel or alter any itinerary as conditions require. Changes may involve sightseeing, events, shows, tour prices, campgrounds or tour routes. Any changes made will be in the best interest of the members participating or because of circumstances beyond our control.  Refunds will be given if any scheduled tours need to be canceled.


Rates quoted are based on tariffs and currency exchange in effect at the time the tour was organized. Slight changes in prices may occur, as exchange rates in Canada go up and down and tour/event Company’s sometimes unexpectedly raise rates.  We reserve the right to overbook any caravan to compensate for last minute cancellations. We are not responsible for any expense due to delays caused by weather, mechanical problems or other circumstances. We are not responsible for transportation to the tours. Carpooling may be necessary at times.


Tour Members: Are responsible for their personal behavior, actions, driving infractions, and insurance, mechanical maintenance of their vehicle and group cooperation. Any tour member who deviates from or leaves the group early for any reason whatsoever forfeits his fees paid but has the option to rejoin the same tour later in the trip without penalty.


By accepting the tour and paying the deposit, registrants understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement.


I have read this form and understand all its terms and conditions.


Signed:  ____________________________________________   Date:  ___________________


Signed:  ____________________________________________   Date:  ___________________