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Simple Massage to Relieve Water Retention in the Lower Legs and Ankles    

As everyone knows, whether you are flying or driving for a long time there is moderate fluid build-up in your lower extremities.  In the past, we were told to sit down and prop our feet up.  Now, we have as new technique for solving this common problem.  Several years ago, Spike was instructed by a family friend and physician cardiologist on how to “knead” the fluid from the foot, ankle and lower leg.  You can do this technique by yourself.  However, it is recommended that your spouse or partner assist you.

Sit in a chair with one foot propped up in your partner's lap. Have them slowly massage, starting at your toes with a kneading action, pushing and gently pressing the skin in an upward direction toward the knee. This will flush most of the fluid out of your ankle, up your leg and into your torso, where it will be eliminated naturally. 

Spike says he’s seen his feet go from a fat fluid filled swollen ankle and foot, to a skinny bony natural state within 5 minutes of massaging the fluid up the foot, leg and into the torso.  Use a firm sliding and stroking motion from the tip of the toes up past the Knee.  Usually 3-4 times flushes out all the fluid that has settled in your lower legs.

 Enjoy these easy and effective 'Healthy RVing’ tips.





 PLEASE NOTE: the information here is for educational use only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe, or substitute for professional medical assistance.  It is provided as information only for your better understanding of holistic health. Consult with the health authorities of your choice.