RV Caravans to Alaska - the Last Frontier





2018 37 day Tour dates are:  

June 1st (Tour 1)

July 27th  (Tour 2)

Returning travelers take note that for 2018 we have added several new tours including Michelle Phillips Dog Sled Rides and Lunch, Ryan Redington Iditarod Musher, Pioneer Kelly Griffin lecture, Heidi Sutter rural bush school teacher & Prince William Sound "Glacier Tour", Five complete meals, and several mixers and potlucks! To see all the tours and activities, click on the Tour Itinerary link to the left.

We are also offering this year a "Caravan South" led by Lindy's son Danny Wertz & our mechanic Roger Johnson.  At the bottom of this page will be the Brochure and registration for a Safe & informative Caravan South.

Alaska Discovery RV Tours are 37 days long, beginning in Hazelton, British Columbia and ending in Kenai, Alaska.  Our routes are carefully planned and organized to show you the most attractions at a comfortable pace. You will see all the sights British Columbia, Yukon and Alaska have to offer, including:

Majestic Mountains and Glaciers
Arctic Wildflowers
Ferry Crossings
Gold Panning
Totem Poles
Salmon Bakes
Dance Follies
Native Songs & Dance
Marine Mammals
Exotic Birds & Wildlife
Denali Park
Yukon Cruise
Midnight Sun

Panning For Gold Emerald Lake near Whitehorse

We also include the famous and beautiful Kenai Peninsula as part of the tour. Click on the Tour Itinerary link on the left to see a detailed breakdown of our tour.

By the end of the 37 days, you will have seen all of RVing in Alaska. You may then choose to continue exploring and re-visiting your favorite places in Alaska (as many do) before going home in small friendly groups.


Many Alaska caravan tours require that you return with the caravan to the starting point before you have really finished seeing and enjoying Alaska. However, with us you truly will see and do more… plus, we really do have more fun than anyone else!

Lectures and DiscussionDuring our tour, new places and experiences await you every day. To help you fully appreciate and prepare for the things you will see and experience, we provide daily orientation meetings and frequent lectures by Spike Fortier, our Research Historian and Wagon Master. And our tour narration is second to none - in fact, we are the only Alaska caravan tour company that narrates as we drive! We also provide you with strip maps as we lead you personally through the course of the tour.

All pets are welcomed on our tours - we are animal lovers ourselves! We provide pet walkers and watchers for no charge when you are on the longer tours so you can relax and enjoy yourself knowing that your pet’s needs are also being attended to.

Traveling with us will relieve you of unnecessary stress and help you avoid potential problems. For example, in the event of a breakdown, you will not be stranded in an unfamiliar area. Our Tail Gunner and mechanic will stay with you until you are up and running and able to rejoin the group. Fly Fishing

We prepare all vehicles for the trip by screening radiators, applying Transit-Shield where needed and performing a full inspection at no charge. Transit-Shield is also available for a front wrap on Class A's and 5th wheels for a small fee.

The tour includes narration and lectures, RV park accommodations, tours, attractions, events, and guide fees. However, we will refund you for designated tours or events you are unable to or don't want to attend.  Your final cost could easily be less than this amount!  Click on the Tour Itinerary link on the left for more information.   Also, further savings are likely because we also arrange for bulk fuel discounts at all designated Fuel Stations along the tour route.

You will experience 37 days of smooth and unhurried beauty, culture and history, all while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow tour members and the exemplary personal attention that is the hallmark of Alaskan Discovery RV Tours.

*Note to Larger RV's:  We are unable to accomodate on our Caravan tours any Class A over 40' or any 5th wheel over 38', nor any car dollys or auto trailers.(car carriers).  The main issue is parking in small campgrounds with not that much available space for big units & power usage in the larger units being too much for the rural parks to handle.


Many Alaska Caravan tours are fixed priced. The problem with this approach is that you cannot take advantage of reduced rates and all events must be paid in advance with no refund if unable to attend. There is no accounting of where or how much you have paid for anything. With us, you are refunded any paid tours you choose or unable to attend.  Just give us prior notice.

Totem PoleHow Do You Register For Our Tour?

First, call us at 800-842-7764 to make your reservation. Then print out and fill in the registration form and mail it with your $500 check to guarantee your place. Remember, we limit our caravan tours to 18-22 rigs so please don’t delay in securing your spot!

When you register, let us know if you are a member of FMCA, Good Sam or AARP and we will give you a free Alaskan vest.

Once we receive your check, we will confirm your reservation by email or letter.


Alaskan Caravans South:

Safe Journey Home

Summer 2018

Alaska Caravans South-July & September

Leaving Anchorage, Arriving Dawson Creek, BC.

5 Days 4 NIGHTS 1,576 miles


·      July Caravan – July 10th to July 14th

·      September Caravan – September 4th to September 8th


·       Continuous Narration from Experienced Wagon Master

·       VHF Radios Provided for 24/7 Communication. Speak with each other, Wagon Master & Mechanic Throughout Trip

·       Scenic Route with Paid RV Parks/Sites

·       Med-Tech with Defibrillator /Oxygen/EpiPen/Med-kit

·       Experienced Alaskan Guide/Wagon Master with Emergency Satellite Phone

·       Experienced Alaskan RV Technician/Mechanic for any Issues or Breakdowns

·       Numerous Stops for Stretching and Dog Duty

·       Total Cost $987.00



DANIEL (949-500-3066)      Email:


“Take the Stress Out of The Route and Enjoy Your Trip South”


Registration:  (please copy and paste to print ourt)

Alaska Caravans South




Registration, Terms and Deposit Form for Alaska Caravans South

$987 Per Rig

                    (Please check which Caravan you want to join & make checks payable to “Daniel Wertz”)

                    Tour 1, Leaving Anchorage July 10th, 2018___________

                    Tour 2, Leaving Anchorage Sept 4th, 2018____________


Name ______________________________________D.O.B. _______________

Spouse or Passenger _____________________________D.O.B. ___________

Home Phone ____________________________________________

Email Address ___________________________________________

Address ________________________________________________

City ___________________State________       Zip Code _________

Type and Length of RV ____________________________________

Tow Car?    No____ Yes____         Type ______________________

Additional Passengers in Your RV __________________________

Emergency Contact Name / Number ________________________

Pet #1 No______   Yes _____    Type____________Name ________

Pet #2 No______   Yes _____    Type____________Name ________

Caravans South Terms and Conditions: 


Cost:  The Caravan South cost is $987.00 per rig for two people.  It includes Guide fee, VHF Radio Narration, Mechanic/RV Tech fee and all RV parks.  A $250 deposit will hold your spot.  The balance of $737 will be due at orientation, when we meet to start the Tour Caravan North.


 Cancellations/Refunds: Cancelling prior to the start of the tour North.  The deposit refund will be $200, a $50 cancellation fee will be charged. Cancelling after the start of the tour North $700 will be refunded, a $287 cancellation fee will be charged.

This policy is necessary for many RV parks require non-refundable deposits to be paid on your behalf.  No "Caravan Fees" will be refunded from the first day of the tour South. We will assist any tour member needing help with personal, medical or mechanical problems to keep them and their vehicle in the Caravan.


 Responsibilities: It is understood that "we" (Alaska Caravans South.) have only one function, to organize and guide the caravan. The cost includes guide service, roadside assistance and nightly stays at RV parks listed in the itinerary. All other costs and expenses of the tour are to be paid by the tour member directly to the provider of the services. This includes meals, fuel and any other expenses you may request or require. We act solely as a guide directing you to the RV parks included in the itinerary. We are not a principal or operator for the subject services or events and are not, therefore, liable for any error or omissions committed by any service or event provider.


 Tour members going on the trip are doing so entirely upon their own initiative, risk and responsibility, and will not be acting under anyone else’s direction or control during the trip. Tour members will have complete and unrestricted control over their own vehicles. Customer agrees to release and indemnify Alaska Caravans South and its agents or employees from all liability, loss or damage claims incurred during the trip.


 We reserve the right to cancel or alter any itinerary as conditions require. Changes may involve campgrounds or tour routes. Any changes made will be in the best interest of the members participating or because of circumstances beyond our control. 

We are not responsible for any expense due to delays caused by weather, mechanical problems or other circumstances.


 Tour Members: Are responsible for their personal behavior, actions, driving infractions, and insurance, mechanical maintenance of their vehicle and group cooperation. You further agree not to post any negative or off-color comments on any media services. Any tour member who deviates from or leaves the group early for any reason whatsoever forfeits his fees paid.

 By registering for the tour and paying the fee, registrants understand and agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

 I have read this form and understand all its terms and conditions.



Signed:  _________________________________Date: __________



Signed:  _________________________________Date: __________


(Please make checks Payable to:  Daniel Wertz & mail the registration and check to: 

Alaska Caravans South, 645 G Street, # 542 Anchorage, Alaska 99501)